bénédicte dussère painter


albert chanot

art center

Bénédicte Dussère comes out of the woods. Even here, after a year, she confuses

by more than her advance, discreet, postage of  preciousness, around an abstraction

( I risk words despite the layers that they cover) serene and full.


Disappeared are the landscapes, erased are the faces, finally there were no longer

the supports, the material, the soft issues of color, the subtlety of forms that undress.

And the elegance of work gushing forth, a force coming from very far away.


I am thus reminded of a series of great heads greens and browns that have arisen from nowhere a good tens of years. We should have been wary, the force was already there.

One does not take care, one dreams of the accident, one feels reassured of

a semblance of figuration. But the force always returns.


Today, she enters in the flesh even to the wood. Then it will abandon its mistrust,

it will follow under the guise of matter, it will be very pleased by his leaving, of his grace,

of the certainty that it gives us to know where she is going ...

Mathieu Riboulet

Clamart - Hauts-de-Seine - may 2005